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Photography workshops for foreigners within the INTEURO.INFO project are behind us

On Saturday, February 5th there was Sandomierz, Krzyżtopór, many impressions and hundreds of photos...
What to choose now? Which photo will be OK?
Should I take "a million" pictures and then choose something or just a few, but good ones?
Do you have the same problem?

Last Sunday, our friend Grzesiek Sideł - co-founder of the friendly foundation Pasiak Świętokrzyski told young people from the Non-Public Dormitory in Kielce about this dilemma and the extremely interesting history of photography in the world.
We had the opportunity to admire selected old cameras from Grzegorz's rich collection and we also learned a lot about the famous Świętokrzyskie Landscape School.

The final part of the meeting at Sienkiewicza Street in the Information Point for Foreigners in Kielce was a photo editing workshop and a photo contest for the participants.

That's how another day of the first local integration course for foreigners "POLAND: Europe in practice" passed.

All this is organized by the Association Integration Europe-East within the project "Świętokrzyskie - good neighbourhood for integration of foreigners INTEURO.INFO" co-financed by Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund "Safe Harbor".

Big thanks to Pasiak Świętokrzyski Foundation for a great day - we are glad you are with us :)
And here are some memorable photos from Pasiak Świętokrzyski Foundation.

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